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My initial VBA code site, Code || VBA, DotNet, SQL, while useful for sharing code, makes updating awkward, in that I need to then work with my back-end MySQL server to make changes, rather than easier updates ala wiki.

About Me

My current resume (MS Word or LinkedIn Profile) is focused on VBA for both Excel and Access, within the financial technology environment, and I have programmed for a coterie of large investment banks and corporations on a variety of issues:

  • Market/IT Risk @ UBS
  • Trading Risk Management @ Deutsche Bank
  • Billing / Data quality @ NCR
  • Forensic accounting @ Deloitte
  • Server delivery cost reporting @ UBS
  • Business continuity planning @ Credit Suisse
  • Compensation review @ AIG
  • MS Office conversion @ ABN AMRO
  • IT management @ JP Morgan Chase
  • Project analysis @ Deutsche Bank

Other Sites of Mine

I also maintain a PHP-based website for Access and Excel VBA code, a newer site based and focused on .NET using ASP.NET and VB.NET, CodeDotNet. Besides day-to-day work and reading for technical development, I am documenting learning F# via Project Euler, as well as creating example design patterns and example algorithms.

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Count Business Days (SQL)
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Query Windows Domain (Access MDB)
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Zip Class
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