Modify Pivots

This is a class modules that modified aspects of Excel workbooks, some focused on pivot tables and related variables, but also can insert code - yours would need to modify this area significantly, or remove it entirely - , add an XLA reference, and save to a specified folder

Reference in VBA

  • Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.7 Library (When using .NET, use System.Data or Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient, and the code is changed appropriately)


  • Class_Initialize()
  • Class_Terminate()
  • XLAPath (String)
  • DeleteCustomProperties (Boolean)
  • PagefieldsMulti (Boolean)
  • InsertXLAReference (Boolean)
  • InsertCode (Boolean)
  • RefreshOnOpen (Boolean)
  • SaveOnFinish (Boolean)
  • OutputFolder (String)
  • OLAPServer (String)
  • OLAPCube (String)
  • CubeServerPairs (Collection)
  • ChangeConnection (Boolean)
  • SelectedFiles (Variant)


  • WorkbboksStillOpen (Boolean)
  • RefreshCubeServerPairs (Boolean)
  • ProcessChanges (Boolean)
  • TestConnectionString (Boolean)
  • SetOutputfolder
  • SetXLAPAth

Right-click to Save Target As: CFilesToModify.cls

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